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Automotive and industrial vehicles

Rilsan® is ubiquitous in the automotive industry thanks to its high-performance resistance properties in particular. In an increasingly exacting industry in terms of environment, Rilsan® offers the best balance between sustainability and performance.

Specific properties

  • Mechanical strength (burst resistance, excellent cold impact strength, abrasion/wear resistance, etc.)
  • Flexibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Zinc chloride resistance
  • Low moisture pick-up
  • Weathering and UV resistance


  • Fuel lines, convoluted in-tank fuel tubing
  • Fluid transfer lines (brake, clutch, cooling)
  • Quick connectors, fittings, fasteners and clips
  • Hydraulic flexible pipes: brakes, suspension, clutch
  • Pneumatic pipes and pneumatic servo brake systems
  • Metal tube coating (metallic brake lines / metallic fuel lines)

Main extrusion grades

Main extrusion grades
Rilsan® BESN BLACK P20 TL Rilsan® BESN BLACK P40 TL Rilsan® BESN BLACK P210 TL
Rilsan® BESN BLACK P123 TL    

Main injection grade

Main injection grade
Rilsan® BZM 30 BLACK TL

Case file: Tubing for SCR


Rilsan® is recognized as one of the best polymers for the automotive industry, and is specified by many automotive OEMs for various under-the-hood / powertrain applications such as fuel management and transport systems (in-tank tubing, monolayer or multilayer fuel lines, etc.), water-based cooling, under-pressure or vacuum tubing systems such as hydraulic flexible pipes (clutch, brake hose, power steering, etc.), pneumatic tubings and pneumatic servo brake systems (brake booster, etc.) 


Rilsan® is also used to produce tubing for the SCR (Selective Catalyst Recovery) Clean Diesel Technology, allowing a reduction in NOx emissions to the atmosphere on new vehicles including heavy goods vehicles.  

Rilsan® tubing for SCR



Discover our full range of polyamides for automotive & industrial vehicles applications

Arkema offers the widest range of long-chain polyamide grades dedicated to the transportation industry.



PA 11

Industry reference material for fluid transfer tubings


PA 12

Industry standard material for fluid transfer tubings

Rilsan® HT

Long chain PPA

Unique flexible material for very high temperature metal-rubber tubing substitution

Rilsan® T

PA 10.10

Optimum tubing solution for higher pressures and temperatures

Rilsan® S

PA 6.10

Closing the gap between PA 6.6 & PA 12 for injection molding applications

Rilsan® Tieflex

Long-chain PA alloys

Structural tie layers with best price-performance compromise in multilayer tubings

Rilsan® Evolution

Long-chain PA alloys

Going further with PA11 in taylor-made tubings applications


PA-polyolefin alloys

Light and impermeable competitive material for tanks and tubings

Rilsan® Fine Powders

PA 11 fine powders

Versatile functional coating solution offering outstanding friction, wear & noise reduction