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Automotive and industrial vehicles

Rilsan® HT is particularly well suited to automotive applications under the hood like oil, cooling or SCR in which materials need to withstand attack from a wide range of fluids and chemicals at continuously rising temperatures, all combined with a high flexibility previously unknown in the polyphtalamide (PPA) group. 

Specific properties

The trend in the automotive industry to replace metals by plastics continues undiminished due to increasing demands for cost-effectiveness, together with a focus on reducing weight and gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, and extending car lifetime. For this reason, PPA-based resins have increasingly been used in place of metal for under the hood components also thanks to its rigidity.


Rilsan® HT, the first flexible PPA, surpasses the limits of other PPA materials.


Rilsan® HT enables the cost-efficient manufacturing of light-weight high-performance technical tubings thanks to its key benefits:

  • Combination of outstanding thermal resistance with flexibility
  • Excellent long-term thermooxidative aging resistance
  • Excellent long-term resistance to chemicals, all kind of fluids and aggressive media at high temperatures
  • Dimensional stability
  • Light weight material
  • Based on renewable raw materials


Rilsan® HT has already established itself in many under the hood applications as an alternative to metal rubber tubing assemblies as shown in the next scheme.



  • Air management (pressure and vacuum management)
  • Oil management (hydraulic fluids or lubricants)
  • Aqueous media management (cooling, SCR)
  • Aggressive media management (acids)

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Arkema offers the widest range of long-chain polyamide grades dedicated to the transportation industry.



PA 11

Industry reference material for fluid transfer tubings


PA 12

Industry standard material for fluid transfer tubings

Rilsan® HT

Long chain PPA

Unique flexible material for very high temperature metal-rubber tubing substitution

Rilsan® T

PA 10.10

Optimum tubing solution for higher pressures and temperatures

Rilsan® S

PA 6.10

Closing the gap between PA6.6 & PA12 for injection molding applications

Rilsan® Tieflex

Long-chain PA alloys

Structural tie layers with best price-performance compromise in multilayer tubings

Rilsan® Evolution

Long-chain PA alloys

Going further with PA11 in taylor-made tubings applications


PA-polyolefin alloys

Light and impermeable competitive material for tanks and tubings

Rilsan® Fine Powders

PA 11 fine powders

Versatile functional coating solution offering outstanding friction, wear & noise reduction